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Steel Grit Blasting & Painting of Frac Tanks for the Oil/Fracking Industry

At Steve Reiff, Inc., we operate an expansive and well-equipped facility, making us uniquely capable of blasting and painting extremely large-scale fabrications both economically and on a quick-turn basis.

We gave the frac tanks shown here their clean, durable, and oil field tolerant finish here at our plant. Featuring dimensions of 44' in length x 8' in width and 12' in height, we cleaned and steel grit blasted them following a defined set of protocols that satisfied the demands of ASTM d-4417 for the blast profile and SSPC-VIS-1 for blast cleanliness. After removing all traces of dirt, oil, grease, weld spatter, and blast debris, we applied a quick dry thick film liner to the interiors to provide protection against aggressive chemical and fume exposure. The exteriors were given a high gloss, impact-, abrasion- and chemical-resistant coating with outstanding wear properties.

Multiple inspection procedures ensured the coatings were to the required thickness and that no pinholes, holidays, bare spots, or thin points existed. Once completed, the tanks were dressed out and inspected according to our defined quality plan. Each tank took from 2-3 days to process to completion. We met the customer's high expectations, and currently process 7-14 new and/or used tanks on a weekly basis.

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Steel Grit Blasted Frac Tank
Steel Grit Blasted Frac Tank
Painted Frac Tank
Painted Frac Tank

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Frac Tank Project Highlights

Project Name
Frac Tanks
Project Description
Interior and exterior blasting and painting of a frac tank.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Steel Grit Blasting (Interior & Exterior)
Lining of Interior
Applied Coating to Exterior
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Pirate Brand 600 lb. Blasting Pot, Airless Spray Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions
44' L x 8' W x 12' T
Material Used
Carboline 8845 Urethane
Carboline 310 Liner
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
ASTM d-4417 Blast Profile
SSPC-VIS-1 Blast Cleanliness
Inspection Reports
5-10 New Tanks Per Week
2-4 Used Tanks Per Week
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2-3 Days
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer and Paint Product Specification Met

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