After viewing the Steve Reiff, Inc. website and contacting us to discuss the details of their project, a refuse collection company in Elkhart, Indiana chose us to refinish a Heil 30 yard Multi-Task SL truck.

Prep work was extensive and included removal of existing decals and complex disassembly of many unpainted parts, including the tool box, mud flaps, lights, reflectors, fire extinguisher, fender flares, and cover plates. Our technicians also masked off irremovable parts, such as tags, glass, controls, chrome, hoses, covers, and all of the black frame and rims prior to hand sanding any irregularities from the existing finish. A three-step coating application incorporated a urethane primer, polyurethane paint, and high gloss urethane clear coat, which combined to provide a high endurance, cleanable surface.

Our work on this project satisfied the requirements of the SSPC-VIS-1 standard for blast inspection, the SSPC-SP 10 standard for surface cleanliness, as well as the SSPC-PA2 protocols for film thickness readings. The customer was very satisfied with the high gloss and uniform coverage we were able to achieve, and especially pleased that their truck was back in service in only one week.

If you would like more detail about this project, or have a similar one and would like discuss the details, please contact us today.

Refuse Truck Project Highlights

Project Name

Refuse/Garbage Truck

Project Description

The painting of a new Heil 30 yard Multi-Task SL Refuse Truck.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Media Blasting
Manual Sanding

Prime, Paint & Clear Coat

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Schmidt Bulk Blasting Pot, Conventional Painting Equipment

Overall Part Dimensions

40′ L x 12.5′ T x 8′ W

Material Used

Urethane Primer
Polyurethane Paint
Urethane Clear Coats

Material Finish

High Gloss

Industry for Use

Garbage Collection

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

SSPC-VIS-1 Blast Inspection
SSPC-PA2 Film Thickness Readings

Delivery/Turnaround Time

7 days

Delivery Location

Elkhart, Indiana

Standards Met

SSPC-SP 10 Surface Cleanliness
Product Specifications